A Zen Loft

Project:  Bring out the full potential of this amazing loft space!  We edited out the many tones of brown, added some cool colors like the amazing gray velvet sectional, added some colorful pillows and a colorful lamp to add some playfulness, and added touches of crisp black to make the room more striking.  We didn’t want to lose the zen feeling of the space but did want to add some eye-catching pieces — the Ikea “Stockholm” rug was just the piece to anchor this room and looks perfect under the Noguchi coffee table.

Design Challenge:  There are no right angles in this space — seriously.  So, we had to measure very carefully to be sure that the feel would still be open and airy and we didn’t accidentally create a furniture traffic jam.

Best Part:  I’m lucky that these clients are friends, first and foremost, and that they live down the hall from us — I get to enjoy this space over a glass of wine and great conversation!