An Eclectic Living + Dining Room

Project:  I love when I’m contacted to help a family pull together their living spaces but still have it look like them — unique and stylish, and a reflection of their travels and the memories they’ve brought to their home.  We used several pieces that this client had — the coffee table that was a wedding gift; the stools that were from their wedding; art they bought on a dime on a trip to China after law school — and updated with just the right pieces for the room and for them.

Design Challenge:  The layout was tricky in the living room!  While the space is a large space, with the radiator and the pathway to the dining room, it’s not actually very wide — especially with two young boys running through!  We created a seating space great for everyday, with plenty of runway space, and then placed a couple of awesome chairs “waiting in the wings” (the foyer) to be pulled in for a larger group.

Best Part:  I love all the pieces alone — that green chair, the vintage cabinet, the Craigslist dining chairs, the art — and together in the space.  It really feels like their home!