An Arlington Live-Work Loft

Project: This is the two-bedroom loft condo that Nicole and I bought when we moved back to Washington from New York. At the time, Nicole was changing offices to work with a DC-based team at her law firm, and I was planning to continue to work in New York during the week.

Design Challenge: We’ve enjoyed a number of space plans in this apartment, where we’ve now lived for eight years. For example, we’ve put the dining table in three places (its current home in the large alcove, in the main living space and in what’s now the guest room) and experimented with various arrangements in the lofted space that’s now our home office. The challenge is really settling on any particular arrangement for more than a few months! We love what I describe as the “big box” layout of the overall unit, including the entry to the guest room, which is very large and can be combined with the main space for entertaining by opening a set of translucent sliding doors.

Best Part: For us, the joy of continually evolving our decor and feeling so at ease in our home. And for me in particular — since I’ve now joined Nicole full-time in her business — the efficiency and fun of working in our home office. Our happiness in our own space is what we try to bring to our clients each day.


Photography by John Magor