A Comfortably Modern Arlington Home

Project:  At our first meeting, they said they just wanted a cool house – something that was fun.  She also wanted to be able to move the living room furniture around for parties, holidays… just for the heck of it.  (I can identify.)  We’ve worked on just about every room in the house, and I’m sad we’re running out!

Design Challenge:  In the living room – that darn back wall.  Before:  The piano was on it…  Adding wallpaper didn’t seem right, and leaving the piano there wasn’t good.  After:  This red paint color was perfect.  Red is her favorite color, and we used it in the kitchen, too, tying the two rooms together.

Best Part:  It’s just a gorgeous, perfectly welcoming, right-sized home.  With a fun family enjoying it.  (And – check out the oversized photo in the kitchen.  That’s Mom & Dad in front of the Washington Monument as twenty-somethings!  It was a surprise from Dad to Mom and really sweet.)