An Organized + Stylish Pantry

Project:  This is another example of a project where I designed the space based on the contents and ideally how it would be used {check out the “baking cart” — great for baking or for wheeling outside for a kid’s birthday party with a cake on top and napkins, forks, knives, and drinks in the bins below}. Then recommended a paint color, using things like chalkboard paint and drawer labels to organize the items and unusual wall fittings like towel rods to hang tablecloths and bibs from to utilize all available space in the best way possible. The owners then went to town and painted the walls, installed the shelving and arranged the contents.

Design Challenge:  How do you make a windowless pantry exciting?  With a bold color and a place to display your fun cake stands it went from lifeless to awesome.

Best Part:  The baking center you can just wheel out!


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