A Multifunctional Living Space

Project:  As you can see from the before pictures this living room was a great space to build speedways and train tracks in but they wanted to do just a bit more with the room and create a space that was great for having a few friends over for a glass of wine and one that was still kid friendly.  We weren’t setting out to create a “kid free zone”, but one that could be easily cleaned up and ready to use for company or a moment of clarity.

Design Challenge:  This was a long and narrow room!  The key to this redesign was figuring out a layout that allowed for conversation and toy storage in a way that made the room feel cozy and inviting but not cluttered and was still functional. The key pieces are the sofas which are the “right” dimensions for this furniture grouping and the toy baskets which are deep enough and sturdy enough to hold a lot of toys but not too big or curvy to take up too much space – and by not having a lid they make for easy clean up but they look great too!

Best Part:  We created three areas out of this room — a conversation space, a working space and a toy space!  And, the kids turned the new reading lights into “spotlights” for “shows”!