A Mid-Century Victorian Living + Dining Room

Project:  Victorian meet Mid-Century.  Mid-Century meet Victorian.  And, mid-century and Victorian meet a great collection of chairs, rugs and art.

Design Challenge:  Since the space is very open, it was tricky to find just the right paint color that we could use in the living room, dining room and entryway to keep the spaces feeling cohesive without making it feel cold or too dark in the parts of the rooms without a lot of sun exposure.  We went with Benjamin Moore’s beautiful Pashmina color and took it down to 50% color in the living room and dining room and 25% color in the entryway.  It’s cozy at night in the living room, bright and airy in the dining room during the day and welcoming in the entryway at all times.

Best Part:  Using a lot of what this client already had — including her grandmother’s vintage sofa that we recovered in a luscious navy velvet.