A Modern Law Office

Project:  This lawyer was looking for a modern version of a partner’s office when he came to me for help.  As a partner at a law firm, you generally are able to select your own furnishings.  This is fantastic but also difficult, as the pickings for office furniture that is both stylish and functional can be a little slim.  We focused on what was important to him (a large, open desk/workspace) and made sure the space had the requisite law office features (seating for at least four for conference calls, open shelving and closed file drawers, and a sofa for those all-nighters).  We kept the lines of the furniture clean but comfortable and chose a muted color palette so that the art stood out.

Design Challenge:  The challenge for this space – the art! – actually provided a great starting point for the design.  My client already had the four pieces of art you see in this project, so we started with them and designed the space around them.

Best Part:  Several months after completing the client’s office, we were able to work together on a new project – his family’s new home!