A Colorfully Chic Condo

Project:  My client moved to the DC area from North Carolina and was busy with her first job out of college and setting up her new apartment.  She contacted me after she had been living with a color scheme (and a very oversized, beige, microsuede sectional sofa) that didn’t really suit her personality or space at all.  We got to work on a creative way to make her rental come to life while selecting pieces that could easily be used in other homes down the road.  The new palette of red, pink, gray, black and white did just the trick!

Design Challenge:  A key challenge with this kind of apartment is playing with the existing colors of the floors and other finishes.  Luckily, the client was willing and allowed to paint, and that paid off tremendously!

Best Part:  The light pink walls in the living room!  Your 20s are definitely the time for a light pink wall.