A Bright, Brilliant Townhouse

Project:  My clients purchased their four-story townhome while they were living overseas.  They had spent years packing up every few years and living in temporary housing.  And they knew that this time when they came home, they wanted their new home to be all set up – so they could just start enjoying their new space.

With design goals to make the spaces feel warm, colorful, comfortable and unique – and to incorporate the art and rugs that they had collected over the years – we created a design plan for each space that they were able to review and approve while overseas.  Then we had their entire home painted, new light fixtures installed, and the furniture delivered and set up.  When they came home and their belongings arrived from overseas, they knew exactly were the art and rugs were to go and could start enjoying the space pretty immediately – even hosting a holiday party just a couple of months after arriving home!

Design Challenge:  It actually wasn’t working across an ocean and over video and email – that part was easy!  (This project was a dream project, to be honest.)  The trickiest part was to be sure I didn’t do any crazy workouts before working on site and making the trip up and down three flights of stairs.

Best Part:  Their willingness to use color and mix fun patterns!  It really helped to turn a new build home into a space that is filled with their personality and feels warm and like home.

Photography by John Magor