Decorating after Renovating: I’m tired, where do I start?!

Many of my clients call me for decorating a few years after they finished a renovation of their home.  They can’t believe they waited so long to finish up the decorating part, but they suffered from decision and spending fatique after their renovation and they just couldn’t think about decorating.  

We want to help you push through that fatique and finish up the decorating soon after the renovation so you can fully enjoy your home right away!   

The end of the year is a popular time for renovations to be finishing up and a great time to make a few key purchases to get your home to start to feel like yours again!  

In this two-hour class, we will provide a checklist of specific ideas and suggestions of what and where to purchase furniture, art and accessories for your home, and leave plenty of time for your specific decorating questions.  

Bring your tear sheets, ideas, questions and renovation stories!  This is also great for those looking to renovate! You can gather ideas and hear renovation stories before you’ve gone down the renovation path…

We’d love to see you!  And, we can’t wait for you to see the fun art at Sabrina’s Pop Up Gallery too! 


This is a first in a series of Decorating Chats™ Nicole Lanteri is hosting with fun local creative venues around town. The goal of these Decorating Chats™ is to reach a broader audience in order to provide a more accessible option to those seeking some design help but who don’t want to or can’t hire a designer for their whole project — or who are under a time deadline and need to get some advice quickly that they can then run with on their own.  We want this to feel empowering and fun — it’s your home, and with just a little help from us you can make your space feel like you hoped it would!